About Clubs United

Clubs United is a race format across club borders. The purpose of CU is to create an alternative to public NPC racing, for those who like to to sail under the full RRS togheter with like minded sailors. The races will be identified with a race name tag, which makes it easy for everyone to see what races are hosted according to their preferences. Some races will be hosted without a password. Anyone can join these races, but are encouraged to follow the race rules (ref the section below). Some races will be hosted with a password and only members of the united clubs should join these races.

Race rules
1. Do only request a penalty cancellation if you are sure that the penalty you got was wrong. If in doubt, be fair and take your penalty turn.
2. Approve all requests for penalty cancellations unless you are absolutely sure that a penalty was right. Do never ignore the request. Answer yes/no (approve/refuse).
3. If you know you have broken a rule, then you should take a penalty (even if nobody is protesting on you, and even if VSK does not give a penalty to you).

Stating facts from the VSK Umpire:
If the VSK umpire gives a penalty for rule 11, 12, 15, 16, or 18, it should be considered there has been contact between the two boats.

Bottom note...
You are not winning anything by winning the race if you're not winning others appreciation.

List of sites in Clubs United

VSK Nordic
ISAF Racing

Rebels Yacht Club
Cattivik Team
VSK Russia
Virtual Karma Team
VSK Portugal

HDT - Hellenic Dream Team

Your club?

How to become a united club
Any club that generally supports fleet racing under the ISAF racing rules of sailing, can be a part of Clubs United. The club has to publish info about its support to Clubs United on their public frontpage and publish race and host rules within a section of the website that is visible to registered members only. Both according to the standard Clubs United information packages. A club admin should send an enquiry to cu@vskspace.com in order to join to Clubs United. Please specify what kind of racing you organize that is following the RRS (not NPC), followed by a link to the supporting web page.