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Sailing Instructions


1. Information specific to an Event:
Information about Dates, Maps, Passwords and Scoring for each event can be found on the ISAF Racing Forum "Notice of Race" section, here.
A participant who does not show up in time for racing on the first race day of an event without notice may lose their place in the event, which will be given to a player on the waiting list.

2. Restart Procedure:
For the first race, if not all the registered boats are present, the host will wait for 5 minutes after the official start time, to allow latecomers to arrive (normally 21:05 CET or CEST). The second race will promptly follow the completion of the first race.

If a boat which is present when the start sequence begins subsequently disconnects and then reconnects, the race will be restarted providing that the reconnection made before one minute before the start. This will be allowed only once for each boat and in any case, the total number of restarts will be at the host's discretion - usually no restart will be made if this will be 15 minutes or later after the official start time.

3. Penalties:

3.1 Taking a Penalty
A yacht that has broken a rule should take one penalty turn (including a tack and a gybe) as soon as possible and clear of other yachts. This applies whether or not the Nadeo umpire has awarded a penalty and whether or not a Penalty Cancellation has been requested.

3.2 Penalty cancels
A yacht, that considers a penalty given by Nadeo umpire incorrect, may request for its cancellation but as a result of this, it is required that this request is explained by the yacht, using the Penalty Cancel Explanation Form as shown in 4.2 below. The PC will then examine the incident.

If the explanation or protest post is not made, the yacht will be scored DSQ in the race.
A yacht that is asked for a penalty cancel must accept this request. If she refuses to accept the Pen Cancel, she will be scored DSQ in the race. She may protest the boat requesting the cancel if she wishes and ask for redress. The boat requesting the cancel must still explain the request as shown in 4.2 below, even although the request was refused, or she will be DSQ.

4. Protests and Penalty Cancel Explanations:

4.1 Making a Protest
A yacht can protest another yacht, as laid down in the current ISAF Rules. For this to be valid, the protesting skipper must type 'P {Boatname}' in the vsk chat, as soon as possible and send a screenshot showing this to the Jury at and also complete the Protest Form as explained in 4.2 below.

4.2 Procedure for Explaining penalty Cancels (PCE) and Protests
Complete the Penalty Cancel Explanation & Protest Form here
This must be done within 24 hours of the race finishing.
A separate form must be completed for each Penalty Cancelled or Protest made

For protests, send a screenshot of the VSK chat showing 'P Boatname' to
For incidents involving RTT, send a screenshot to
You may send your replay to but it is not mandatory

If there is any problem with the online form, open a new topic in the Penalty Cancel Explanation and Protest Section in the forum. A new topic must be created for each cancel request and/or Protest.

4.3 Handling of PCEs & Protests
For each form it receives, the Race Committee will open a new topic in the Penalty Cancel and Protests Section in the forum and will enter the info given on the PCE & Protest Form. Replies in that topic will be possible from interested parties until the Jury gives its decision.

4.4 Redress
A boat can request redress in the following circumstances:
a) As provided for under the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing.
b) If her request for a Pen Cancel is refused, or not answered.
c) If her result is affected by problems due to another boat having finished, left or disconnected form the race.

If a boat is slowed down substantially or stopped, or is sailing backwards because of a collision with a boat that has broken a rule of Part 2, the boat shall be considered physically damaged as in RRS 62.1(b)

5. Protest Committee:
The Protest Committee will examine all protests and will also have the right to review penalty cancellations and all other situations in the race. If the Protest Committee starts a review of a situation which is not the result of a protest or a cancellation, then they will make a post with this information in the public section of the forum within six days of the end of the race under examination.

Boats involved in an incident which is being examined by the Protest Committee can send their replays if they wish, to It can affect the decision of the Committee if the replay is not sent, so it is important that all boats keep replays of all races.

If boats score multiple rule 2 offences they will be excluded from a series, and continued offending may result in exclusion from ISAF Racing events

6. Rule Changes and Definitions:

6.1 Definitions
The definition of the 'Zone' is changed to be the area around a mark within a distance of two hull lengths of the boat. A boat is in the zone when any part of her hull is in the zone.

The definition of Part of the Boat is only to include hull and mast.

6.2 Rule 2:
This rule regulates fair, honest and sportive sailing. Basically we can divide it into 3 parts:
1. You should not deliberately break a rule. A typical example is a windward boat at the startline or as port boat at the windward mark. Instead of breaking a rule, you have to accept now and then to be early over the startline, or to pass behind the entire fleet at the top mark. Screwing up others race is not an option!
2. If you know you have broken a rule (or should have known...), then you should voluntarily take a penalty, even if VSK does not give a penalty to you. For example when port hits starboard with the mast, which VSK ignores consistently
3. Choose your words carefully in the heat of the action. Insults directed at a particular skipper are broadcasted to everybody in the race...

So if you have deliberately broken a rule, not volunteered to take a penalty when you clearly should have, or have abused the race chat, then you have broken Rule 2.

6.3 Rule 41 - Outside Help:
During ISAF Racing events, it is allowed for skippers to communicate by means such as Teamspeak provided they do not break Rule 41.

7. Effects of Lag:
Lag is a problem in VSK and you should take it into consideration when maneuvering close to your opponent, leaving more space than inexperienced players might do.

Normally it will be possible to be exonerated from breaking a rule if the player's own replay shows that the rule was not broken, as seen on his screen. However the jury will have the power to make any decsion about an incident, using their judgement about what is the most fair solution.

Annex - Hosting & Video Guide pdf link